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Assessment Process

0 Pre-assessment

Tell us a about your goals and your situation by filling out this basic questionaire and submitting basic documents such as ID (Drivers Licence and Medicare Card), plus 3 months bank statements.    You can do this all online in approx 5 to 10 minutes.  

1 Credit Quote:

After receiving loan application supporting documents from the client we will provide you an indicative quote before we lodge any application officially to any of our funders.

2 Formal Application and Approval:

After you have approved the quote we prepare and submit the application to the lender for formal approval. Formal approval depend on which lender we are submitting the application to. From our experience we allow approximate 1 to 3 days to get formal approval from the lender assuming all required documentation has been provided.

3 Signing up Contract:

Signing up the loan contract involve some documentation from seller, purchaser with signed loan contract from the client. 

Insurance cover on the truck or other equipment is usually arranged at this point in time.

Settlement for the loan basically depend on the client how prompt they can arrange sign up documents. Lender usually settle the loan on the same day or next day if there are no outstanding pre-settlement conditions to be met.

Our Responsibility:

We run through the scenario of the loan to the lender after getting initial information from the client to get indicative offer from the lender. As a result formal approval process becomes easier for both parties.

At every stage of the assessment, submission and settlement process we contact client via either Phone, Email, SMS, FAX or preferred method to gather adequate information and documents for the loan application and submit to the appropriate lender that has a policy which matches the clients situation.


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