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Our Operations Manager took a call one Saturday night at 10pm from a client who was struggling with their cash flow.

It was very clear that their regular monthly finance payments were causing the cash flow issues.

We put all the details into one spreadsheet, listing all the trucks and trailers, their current loan balances and weekly or monthly payments, estimated market values of the trucks etc.

Having all the data in front of us enabled us to quickly calculate that based on the proposed new lender that we knew the client would be eligible with, by doing a refinance, their current payments of $10,840 would be reduced down to $3,995. That is a Saving of $6,885 which is a 64% reduction in their monthly finance commitments.

Since that refinance in 2017, the clients were then able to afford another truck with the spare monthly cash flow.

We have since refinanced the clients entire fleet and helped with any truck and trailer funding requirements they have requested of us.

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