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Second Mortgage or 1st mortgage

Second Mortgage or 1st Mortgage:

We help the clients to arrange the fund through 1st or second mortgage against residential or commercial property, when clients financial situation or loan requirements do not suite with the lending guidelines of leasing lending solutions. As some instances described bellow purchase of plant and equipments or truck can be cheaper or easier via 1st or second mortgages

  • Equipments, trucks or desired purchase do not meet lending guideline, or the market value of the asset is too low to accept as security.
  • Degree of credit impairment is not suitable to select leasing lending solution.
  • Available documentation is not viable for leasing lending.
  • Comparatively 1st or second mortgages is cheapest option to resolve the problem and complete the purchase.

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 2nd Mortgage Offers

1st Mortgage Offers

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