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Interest rates for Equipment finance:

The following interest rates table disclose typical Interest rates for leasing applications depending on various lending and documentation options. Please also be advised that

  • Rates are fixed for the term of the loan.
  • Rates may vary depending on the degree of credit impairment and type of security being used.
  • Please submit an online inquiry or give us a call to get a quote suited to your situation.
  • Rates might be higher for shorter loan term. (Maximum Loan term is 60 months)
 Leasing Category
 Interest rates
Full Doc clean credit 3.99 % PA (above $100K for Yellow goods & Trucks 3Y Old)
 Full Doc clean credit
 from 4.35% PA
 Full Doc Minor paid default
 6.25% PA ( 6.10 for loan above $100k)
Full Docimpairedfrom  12% PA
 Low Doc clean credit / Minor paid default
7.25 up to $50K, (7.10% PA for loan up to $100k)
 Low Doc Credit impaired
 19% PA
 Equipment Lease Back
 Full doc From 12% PA, Low Dc 19% PA for old equipments.
 Personal Leasing ( 1 paid default)
 7.75% PA ( 9.25% PA for loan <$18,000)
 No Doc Leasing / Rental
 6.4% to 25% PA