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Chattel Mortgage
Chattel Mortgage (CM)

  • The lender takes a security charge over the assets to be financed for chattel mortgage
  • The assets must be “owned” by the client at settlement
  • Supplier/dealer must therefore invoice the client for the goods
  • The Chattel Mortgage may be registered with ASIC and/or the Land Title Office under a Bill of Sale
  • Loan term of 12 – 60 months available for chattel mortgage
  • The GST-inclusive amount is financed
  • Deposits and /or trade-ins can be used to reduce the loan amount
  • Loan can be fully amortised (nil residual balloon) or a residual balloon payment can be factored in to reduce the monthly payments.
  • Other payment structures such as seasonal payments or GST going back in as a rental are available
  • Customer interest rate is fixed for the loan term for chattel mortgage
  • The repayments and residual balloon payments do not include a GST component.
  • For chattel mortgage Fees and stamp duty may be included in the loan amount if desired.
  • For asset depreciation and interest deductibility purposes, the asset is “owned” by the client.
  • Clients on  either an accrual or a cash accounting basis for GST can claim the full GST component when lodging next BAS.
  • Therefore a Chattel Mortgage is suitable for clients on a cash accounting basis for GST*

Benefits of Chattel Mortgage:

  • Client get the ownership of the asset from the time of purchase.
  • Client will get the benefit to claim GST impute credit.
  • Client will get tax deductions for interest payment and depreciation as per tax table.

Simply send us the details of your desired purchase and a brief of your financial situation to get a free quote for your for chattel mortgage application.

We are offering No Doc ,   Full Doc Leasing and Low Doc Leasing options for Chattel mortgage applications.

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