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What is Equipment Lease Back ?

  • Equipment Lease back is a process where you can get finance against your existing asset in business.
  • Equipment Lease back will allow you to literally sell your asset to the lender and transfer the ownership, then rent it back in your business as a operating lease or finance lease.
  • Equipment Lease back is also familiar as rent back where you rent back your asset to the lender for 12-60 months lease term.
  • Basically client pay the GST by installment with regular monthly repayment as usual. We can also advise other leasing lending options as per clients request.
  • Client get the 100% tax deduction for the monthly repayment.
  • Client can also get a balloon payment option according to the type, age and price of the asset.

Balloon Payment for Equipment Lease Back:

We can setup a balloon payment option according to the type of asset, age and the term of the loan. Maximum Balloon or residual is 35%

Benefits of Equipment Lease Back:

  • Generate cash or refinance your existing asset to mange working capital for your business.
  • Avoiding expensive unsecured loan options.
  • Increase the growth of the business with extra cash raised against asset other than selling the asset.
  • Arrange instant cash for urgent need for the business.

Simply send us the details of your plant equipments or trucks,  and a brief your financial situation to get a free quote for your Equipment lease back application..

We are offering both  Full Doc and Low Doc options for Equipment lease back applications.

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